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PCD resultater på OES:

Her er en oversikt over 716 innsendte PCD resultater på OES i Skandinavia og andre land.

Vet du resultatet på din hund? Send det gjerne til oss sammen med en kopi av resultatet.

Test din hund:

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Breeders and owners of stud dogs should take responsibility to test all breeding stock for PCD before mating.

As PCD is inherited in simple Mendelian mannor by careful exclusion of carriers from the breeding programme this potentially lethal gene could be completly eliminated from the OES gene pool.

The question is: Are the two dogs mating today PCD clear +/+ (homozygous) or more than one of them a PCD carriers MUT1/+ (heterozygous).

PCD results on OES:

Here is a list of 716 submitted PCD results on
OES in Scandinavia and other countries.

Do you know the status for your dog?
You can send it to us together with a copy of the test result.

Get your dog tested:

PCD +/+ (clear):

Cyrene Charming Nymph of Abigal Grace +/+
Abotthall Aoraki Abi at Bobbyclown +/+
Amblehart Thief of Time +/+
Best of Mary People of the Arabian Nights +/+
Cleopatra of the Arabian Nights +/+
Coco Mademoiselle of the Arabian Nights +/+
Colonel O’Neill of the Arabian Nights +/+
Commedia dell’Arte of the Arabian Nights +/+
Tutti Frutti of the Arabin Nights +/+
Argovian Email for You +/+
Argovian Flying Highfor Griland +/+
Argovian Good News +/+
Argovian Hugs’n’Kisses +/+
Argovian Imported by Youandi +/+
Argovian In Love with Ambasstown +/+
Argovian Irresistible Emotions +/+
Argovian Joyful Day +/+
Arthrug Upon A Sunbeam +/+
Aryakas Calliopee +/+
Aryakas Cosmo Junior +/+
Aryakas Filidoxia +/+
Aryakas Filippos +/+
Aryakas Fotini +/+
Aryakas Fotios +/+
Aryakas Genesis at Beauvallon +/+
Aryakas Geocosmic +/+
Aryakas Herkules +/+
Aryakas Idioteleia +/+
Aryakas Ikaros at Noggybanks +/+
Aryakas Ionios +/+
Aryakas Kleisthenis +/+
Aryakas Lygeia +/+
Aryakas Megaklis +/+
Aryakas Meropee +/+
Aryakas Midas +/+
Playboy von den Auenwiesen +/+
Auriga’s Woody Woodruff +/+
Azedagi’s She Is My Kind of Girl +/+
Azedagi’s Thats Me +/+
Azedagi’s The Winner Takes It All +/+
Fashion Pretty Girls de Bayroeth de Eden +/+
Holliwood Star de Bayroeth de Eden +/+
Latin Lover de Bayroeth de Eden +/+
Recordbreaking Showgirl de Bayroeth de Eden +/+
Rocky Road to Perfection de Bayroeth de Eden +/+
Super Star de Bayroeth de Eden +/+
Union Jack de Bayroeth de Eden +/+
I Have a Dream from Beautiful Highland +/+
Just a little Kiss from Beautiful Highland +/+
Kirschberry From Beautiful Highland +/+
Kiss from a Rose from Beautiful Highland +/+
Beauvallon Bubbelicious at Mirene +/+
Beauvallon Valentine +/+
Bedivere’s Rockabella of Mellowdee +/+
Bim-Bom-Bam Lenda Lerenda +/+
Bizzeeboots Emerald Queen +/+
Bizzeeboots Secret Tryst +/+
Blockhead’s A Star Once More +/+
Blockhead’s Utopia +/+
Blockhead’s Yummy Yep-Yep +/+
Blue Berry’s Kiss of Snowflake +/+
Blue Berry’s Little Miss Snowflake +/+
Blue Berry’s Love of My Life +/+
Blue Berry’s One of a Kind +/+
Bluechannel Aragorn +/+
Bluechannel Baron Knockout +/+
Bluechannel Bright Diamond +/+
Bluechannel Celtic Art +/+
Bluechannel Dancing Diva +/+
Blueshire’s Bad Boy Billy +/+
Blueshire’s Canadian Lady +/+
Blueshire’s Made for Finns +/+
Woody Woodstock von den Blue Zottels +/+
Bobbyclown’s Eternal Flame +/+
Bobbyclown’s Fantastic Princess +/+
Bottom Shaker High in the Sky +/+
Bovaron Magic Box +/+
Bracalgem Wish Upon a Star +/+
Breedonhill Juhannus for Hazyland +/+
Brinkley Baloo Bear +/+
Brinkley Barnaby +/+
Brwyn’s Miss Smilla +/+
Brwyn’s Mohawk +/+
Shingdekan Dairkest Peru of Bumblebob +/+
Catch Attention Charming Cloetta +/+
Catch Attention Noble Geisha +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Olive the Only One +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s True Black Bandit +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Quasi Qualified +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Whoopie Weather Girl +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Wild Rose +/+
Cillastyle Cotton Candy +/+
Crescent Blue Moon from Clear Spring +/+
Fairytale of the Cuddle Corner +/+
Graceful of the Cuddle Corner +/+
Danish Delight Makes People Talk +/+
Danish Delight Kiss Me Tiger +/+
Dizzny`z Sweet Smyrna +/+
Dream of Paradise Enamoured Moments +/+
Dream of Paradise Flash Light +/+
Drover’s Very Best +/+
Dylasau Love Star for Bracalgem +/+
Egor-Dego Destina +/+
Boheme aus dem Elbe-Ustromtal +/+
Cockpit aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Currency aus dem Elbe-Ustromtal +/+
Ecstasy aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Elbandita aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Eldorado aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Eyespy aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Givmtome aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Häagandazs aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Helado aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Himmlisch aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Holiday Inn aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Just Because aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Justforme aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Karussel aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Kokowääh aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Y’Lookalike aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Zatopek aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Enchant Amidala Prada +/+
Enchant Call Me Amadeus +/+
Enchant Caramia for Roseville +/+
Enchant You Can’t Stop Me +/+
Fi-Ka’s Intimate Soft Silky Touch +/+
Furry Drifter´s if Only Unique +/+
Genevadream Champagne Moment with Bobwyn +/+
Great Danish Sunrice After Claud +/+
Great Danish True Born Bobtail +/+
Great Danish True Fairy Tail +/+
Grey Coats Foxy Lady +/+
Griland Beautiful Impretion +/+
Griland Beauty Bear +/+
Griland Born To Run +/+
Griland Glamour Bear Cap +/+
Hazyland Ray Of Light +/+
Hazyland Live To Tell +/+
Hazyland Causing A Comotion +/+
Hazyland’s Who’s That Girl +/+
Holanja Roxy Roller at Oldoak +/+
Holanja The Wild One +/+
Blue Point from Home of Crazy Fire +/+
Adesso tu von der Hummelelfe +/+
Image Unique This is Angels +/+
Jeddep Charisma at Galumphing +/+
Jeddep Hairy Biker+/+
Jeddep Katwalk Kikki at Ragglebarn +/+
Jeddep Male Model +/+
Bears Daddy Cool +/+
Jolly Bears First Class +/+
Jolly Bears Gentle Stribe +/+
Kálnok Gyóngye Oriána +/+
Karjalee Take That +/+
Kerjalee Takes the Lead +/+
Kleopatra Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Laura Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Stefano Superstar Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Yureck Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Yvonne Kudlaty Tramp +/+
La Boheme +/+
Ladypaw’s Dance Of Joy +/+
Lykkegården Highlight 2005 +/+
Lykkegården Hit of the World +/+
Manrose Madame Etolie +/+
Manrose Marquesa di Brera +/+
Manrose Plaisir D’Amour +/+
Masquerade Midnight Madness +/+
Salome of Mary People +/+
Meldale Moon Dance Magic +/+
Mellowdee Major Tom +/+
Mellowdee Miss Magical +/+
Mellowdee Top Hat Ntails +/+
Millwinkie Magic Moon at Meldale +/+
Mille Miglia Blu Emotion Adorna +/+
Mirene Touch of Class +/+
Mustikkakuonon Metsämansikka +/+
Niedersachsens Pride Elenya +/+
Niedersachsens Pride Gentleman +/+
Niedersachsens Pride Give’n take +/+
Niedersachsens Pride Grey Chiffon +/+
Ninepin’s Velvet Titan +/+
Abracadabra dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Best Seller dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Domino dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Exploit dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Google dei Nobilpazzi +/+
High Class dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Limited Edition dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Surprise dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Suspense dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Ullallaunica dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Vip dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Zenit dei Nobilpazzi +/+
NoTown’s Hammer and Tong +/+
Old Cobbler’s Easy Go +/+
Old Cobbler’s Flashdance +/+
Old Cobbler’s Imagination +/+
Old Dream’s Admiral Freddie +/+
Old Dream’s Blue Flower +/+
Old Dream’s Come On Eileen +/+
Old Dream’s Girl on Fire +/+
Old Dream’s Lovely Miss Ema +/+
Old Dream’s Perfect Gentleman +/+
Old Dream’s Princess Cherie +/+
Oldoak New Tricks +/+
Old Sheeptorps Tyra Banks +/+
Pettibone’s Little Big Man +/+
Piraza Primadonna +/+
Pole-Position’s Kornflake Girl +/+
Pole-Position’s Nigel Mansell +/+
Pole-Position’s Nasdaq +/+
Pole-Position’s Najuma +/+
Pole-Position’s Monty Phyton +/+
Pole-Position`s Quax +/+
Pushistoe Volshebstvo Bogema +/+
Qubic’s Almost a Dream +/+
Take a Chance on Me at Quemerford +/+
Rashn Feiri-Teil Yulita +/+
Rashn Feiri-Teil Zvezdnaya Nejnost +/+
Highlander of Reality Dream +/+
Histoire D’amour of Reality Dream +/+
Irresistible Boy of Reality Dream +/+
Reata’s Frequent Flyer +/+
Reata’s Heaven’s Choice +/+
Reata’s Oli +\+
Back to my Roots Topknott from Redings Retreat +/+
Rock’n Bob Charlotte aux Fraises +/+
Rock’n Bob Edition Speciale +/+
Rock’n Bob Emilie Jolie +/+
Rollingview Aryakas Elektra +/+
Rollingview Clean Cut Diamond +/+
Rollingview Shaggy Blue Zorbas +/+
Athenas de Rondas Sweets Dreams +/+
Blue Bel de Ronda Sweets Dreams +/+
Brooklyn de Ronda Sweets Dreams +/+
Call Me Sidney de Ronda Sweets Dreams +/+
Noble Man of Roseville +/+
Silver Shadow of Roseville +/+
Ramses of Roseville +/+
Birdie aus dem Rotmaintal +/+
Blue Bayou aus dem Rotmaintal +/+
Conchita aus dem Rotmaintal +/+
Digby aus dem Rotmaintal +/+
Double Trouble aus dem Rotmaintal +/+
Fire and Ice aus dem Rotmaintal +/+
Kevin aus dem Rotmaintal +/+
Klara aus dem Rotmaintal +/+
Navigator aus dem Rotmaintal +/+
No Excuses aus dem Rotmaintal +/+
Royal Grey’s Body and Soul +/+
Royal Grey’s Cassiopeia +/+
Royal Grey’s Cepheus +/+
Akira von den Schnuckenwächtern +/+
Coco von den Schnuckenwächtern +/+
Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy +/+
Sealords Sleepless in Seattle +/+
Shaggy Beauty Arrakis +/+
Shaggy Blue Bob’s Never Let Me down Again +/+
Shaggy Blue Bob’s Next Level at Bim Bom Bam +/+
Shaggy Blue Bob’s Nothing Compare to You +/+
Shaggy Blue Bob’s Ploutarchos of Aryakas +/+
Look at the Stars for Silver Whirlwind +/+
Memory of Endless Love by Silver Whirlwind +/+
Snezhnyi Dozor Lady Boss +/+
All the Best of Snowboot Bears +/+
Artistic of Snowboot Bears +/+
Call Me Blue of Snowboot Bears +/+
Dirtymind of Snowboot Bears +/+
Dorka of Snowboot Bears +/+
Fairbancks of Snowboot Bears +/+
Farypeople of Snowboot Bears +/+
Greta Garbo of Snowboot Bears +/+
Incognito of Snowboot Bears +/+
Incredible of Snowboot Bears +/+
Vampy Girl of Snowboot Bears +/+
Soft Motion’s By My Side +/+
Soft Motion’s Call From The Past +/+
Soft Motion’s Catch Of The County +/+
Sound Solution Ground Control +/+
Stairway to Heaven gives All You Need +/+
Angel Giggles from Stone´s +/+
Angel Krümel from Stone´s +/+
Sweet Expression’s As You Can See +/+
Sweet Expression’s Circus Circus +/+
Sweet Expression’s Hole in One +/+
Sweet Expression’s Light Camera Action +/+
Sweet Expression’s Nothing to Declare +/+
Sweet Expression’s Say Cheese +/+
Valleydell Ianthe +/+
Valleydell Jezebel +/+
Venivici Lollypop +/+
Youandi Antaeus +/+
Youandi Dom Perignon +/+
Youandi Grand Cru +/+
Youandi Jeanne D’arc +/+
Youandi Mademoiselle Chanel +/+
Youandi Meringue +/+
Youandi Moët & Chandon +/+
Youandi Tiramisù +/+
Zeppeline Al Capone +/+
Zeppeline Bohemian Rhapsody +/+
Easy Loving Enola vom Zigeunerhäusl +/+
Zottels Casino Royal +/+
Zottels My Name is Bond +/+
Zottels Secret is Out +/+
Zottels Xceedingly Nice for Hazyland +/+

PCD MUT1/+ (carrier):

Aryakas Melissa MUT1/+
(Zottels No Biz Like Show Biz & Rollingview Aryakas Elektra +/+)

Azedagi’s My Secret Adventure MUT1/+
Azedagi’s My Secret Storyteller MUT1/+
(Bottom Shaker My Secret & Azedagi’s Thats Me +/+)

Bim-Bom-Bam Hay-Tormenta MUT1/+
(Reata’s Electric Cowboy & Bim-Bom-Bam Cabello de Àngel)

Bim-Bom-Bam Iria Flavia MUT1/+
Bim-Bom-Bam Licor De Toxo MUT1/+
(Reata’s Electric Cowboy & Zottel’s Good As Gold)

Wotan von den Blue Zottel’s MUT1/+
(Aryakas Callipous & Pippilotta von den Blue Zottel’s)

Firstlove aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal MUT1/+
(Aristocrat of Snowboot Bears MUT1/+ & Y’Lookalike aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+)

Hightea aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal MUT1/+
(Firstlove aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal MUT1/+ & Boheme aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+)

Kadance Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal MUT1/+
(Happy Panda’s X’Bambino di Ragazzo & Holiday Inn aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+)

Grey Coats Quality Labels MUT1/+
Grey Coats Quality Package MUT1/+
Grey Coats Quality Snow Lady MUT1/+
(Grey Coats Old Good Lovin +/+ & Show Me’s Talk Of The Town MUT1/+)

Hazyland’s Strike A Pose MUT1/+
Hazyland Butiful Stranger MUT1/+
(Hightea aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal MUT1/+ & Zottels Xceedingly Nice for Hazyland +/+)

Jim Mary People Modry Kanon MUT1/+
(Larthur Rimband of Mary People & Alison od Chumbarku)

Jolly Bears Cassius Clay MUT1/+
(Danish Delight E.T. Phone Home & Jolly Bears Yours Forever)

Ninepin’s By Heart MUT1/+
(Woody Woodstock von den Blue Zottels +/+ & Ninepin’s Upsy Daisy)

Reata’s Cosmopolitan MUT1/+
(Danish Delight Sophie’s Dutch Joker & Reata’s Avantgarde)

Royal Grey’s Beauty Spot MUT1/+
(Kö-Pi’s 599 Happy Panda Leoff & Old Cobbler’s Easy Go +/+)

Royal Grey’s Capricornus MUT1/+
Royal Grey’s Circinus MUT1/+
Royal Grey’s Corona Borealis MUT1/+
(Royal Grey’s Beauty Spot MUT1/+ & Danish Delight Quando Quando)

Show Me’s Talk of the Town MUT1/+
(Zottels Made to Measure & Show Me’s Chantilly Lace)

Aristocrat of Snowboot Bears MUT1/+
(Reata’s Como Las Condes & Shaggy of Snowboot Bears)

Ywildthing of Snowboot Bears MUT1/+
(Our Snowboot Bear of Fool’s Paradise & Qitina of Snowboot Bears)

PCD MUT1/MUT1 (affected):

Mirene Honky Tonk Angel MUT1/MUT1
(Longdorham Follow the Dream & Mirene Million Dollar Baby)

Litters out of PCD +/+ (clear) parents:

(Shaggy Blue Bob’s Ploutarchos of Aryakas +/+ & La Boheme +/+)
Air Zeppeline Adrian +/+
Air Zeppeline Augustus +/+
Air Zeppeline Aurelio +/+
Air Zeppeline Amadeus +/+
Air Zeppeline Alma +/+
Air Zeppeline Aida +/+

(Aryakas Filippos +/+ & Pushistoe Volshebstvo Bogema +/+)
Calais Flying Fast of Abigal Grace +/+
Callipygian Venus of Abigal Grace +/+
Callisto Great Bear of Abigal Grace +/+
Clio Adorable Muse of Abigal Grace +/+
Cupid Love Potion of Abigal Grace +/+
Cypress Prince of Keos of Abigal Grace +/+
Cyrene Charming Nymph of Abigal Grace +/+

(Argovian In Love with Ambasstown +/+ & Argovian Hugs’n’Kisses +/+)<
Argovian Kentucky Cooler +/+
Argovian Key to Happiness+/+
Argovian Kind of Magic+/+
Argovian Kiss ’n Smile+/+
Argovian Kissing Tinkerbelle+/+
Argovian Kiss-Proof Puppet +/+

(Commedia dell’arte of the Arabian Nights +/+ & Latin Lover de Bayroeth de Eden +/+)
Glen A’Chaileag Moragh of Barbary Lane +/+
Grizlye of Barbary Lane +/+
Güst of Barbary Lane +/+
Gustave of Barbary Lane +/+
Gwendal Mac Moragh of Barbary Lane +/+

(Bizzeeboots Secret Tryst +/+ & Bizzeeboots Emerald Queen +/+)
Bizzeeboots Last Serenade +/+
Bizzeeboots Last Song +/+
Bizzeeboots Last chance 4 love +/+
Bizzeeboots Last Dance +/+
Bizzeeboots Last Train 2 Clarksville +/+

(Givmtome aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+ & Blockhead’s Yummy Yep-Yep +/+)
Blockhead’s Day And Night +/+
Blockhead’s Daytime Made +/+
Blockhead’s Dazzling Daystar +/+
Blockhead’s Devoted Today +/+
Blockhead’s Doris Day +/+
Blockhead’s Double Mayday +/+

(Sound Solution Ground Control +/+ & Blue Berry’s Kiss of Snowflake +/+)
Blue Berry’s Name Me Murphy +/+
Blue Berry’s Never Ending Love +/+
Blue Berry’s Never Say Never +/+
Blue Berry’s New Kid In Town +/+
Blue Berry’s Nick of Time +/+
Blue Berry’s Night and Day +/+
Blue Berry’s Nonesuch as Nessa +/+
Blue Berry’s Northern Star +/+
Blue Berry’s Nothing Compares to Me +/+
Blue Berry’s Now I am Cheekie +/+

(Brinkley Barnaby +/+ & Blue Berry’s Little Miss Snowflake +/+)
Blue Berry’s Paddy Snowman +/+
Blue Berry’s Prince Snowboots +/+
Blue Berry’s Purple Haze In Snow +/+
Blue Berry’s Powerful Snowstorm +/+
Blue Berry’s Pure White Snowball +/+
Blue Berry’s Perfect Snowflake +/+
Blue Berry’s Pretty Little Snowdrop +/+

(Azedagi’s The Winner Takes it All +/+ & Bobbyclown’s Etarnal Flame +/+)
Bobbyclown’s General MacDonald +/+
Bobbyclown’s Gentle Oscar +/+
Bobbyclown’s Glorious Giggi +/+
Bobbyclown’s Glory of Love +/+
Bobbyclown’s Graceful Gaia +/+

(Azedagi’s The Winner Takes it All +/+ & Abotthall Aoraki Abi at Bobbyclown +/+)
Bobbyclown’s He is the One and Only +/+

(Brwyn’s Mohawk +/+ & Fairytale of the Cuddle Corner +/+)
Brwyn’s Allard +/+
Brwyn’s Ariel +/+
Brwyn’s Ascari +/+
Brwyn’s Bizzarini +/+
Brwyn’s Cisitalia +/+
Brwyn’s Delahaye +/+
Brwyn’s Delorean +/+
Brwyn’s Ginetta +/+
Brwyn’s Lagonda +/+
Brwyn’s Marcos +/+
Brwyn’s Noble +/+

(Sweet Expression’s Meet & Greet +/+ & Graceful of the Cuddle Corner +/+)
Brwyn’s Blue Berry Pie +/+
Brwyn’s Charlotte Belle-Helene +/+
Brwyn’s Key Lime Pie +/+
Brwyn’s Slice of Heaven +/+
Brwyn’s Trifle +/+
Brwyn’s Yum Yum +/+

(Furry Drifter´s If Only Unique +/+ & Blueshire`s Made for Finns +/+)
Czarlinda`s Lady Luna +/+
Czarlinda´s Leonardo +/+
Czarlinda´s Little Princess +/+
Czarlinda´s Lonely Rider +/+
Czarlinda`s Looking Unique +/+
Czarlinda`s Lovejoy +/+
Czarlinda´s Love Song +/+
Czarlinda´s Lumberjack +/+

(Brinkley Barnaby +/+ & Checkpoint Charlie’s Olive the Only One +/+)
Checkpoint Charlie’s Wee Willie Winkie +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Whatever you want +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s William Whodunit +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Wyatt Earp +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Wake me up Wheenie +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Weeping Willow +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Whoopie Weather Girl +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Wild Rose +/+

(Checkpoint Charlie’s True Black Bandit +/+ & Enchant Amidala Prada +/+)
Checkpoint Charlie’s Yesper Yeoman +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Yogi Bear +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Yuri Yan Dury +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Yoko Yes Sir No Sir +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s You Are Ypsilotte +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Yumping Yoyo +/+

(Checkpoint Charlie’s True Black Bandit +/+ & Checkpoint Charlies Olive the Only One +/+)
Checkpoint Charlie’s Zandy Zimon +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Zealous Zeno +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Zig Zag +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Zinedine Zidane +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Zilent Zuzu +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Zilly Zue +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Zoe Zaphir +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Zophie me Gal +/+
Checkpoint Charlie’s Zsa Zsa Gabor +/+

(Zottel`s My Name Is Bond +/+ & Egor-Dego Destina +/+)
Egor-Dego Galenos +/+
Egor-Dego Geminos +/+
Egor-Dego Genelos +/+
Egor-Dego Gelon +/+
Egor-Dego Gregorius +/+
Egor-Dego Gaia +/+
Egor-Dego Galatea +/+

(Givmtome aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+ & Elbandita aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal + /+)
Herrlich aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Heiter aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Hopplahopp aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Hoffnung aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Himmlisch aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+

(Eldorado aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+ & Boheme aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal + /+)
Hot Potato aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Hot Dog aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Hot n Spicy aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Hot Toddy aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Hot Pants aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+

(Incognito of Snowboot Bears +/+ & Holiday Inn aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+)
Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Jaguar aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Jederman aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Jette Joop aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Justoosexy aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+

(Incognito of Snowboot Bears +/+ & Elbandita aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+)
Karriert aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Kingsize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Klimafrei aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Klimbim aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Knallbonbon aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Knaller aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Knallerbse aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Kracher aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+
Kunterbungt aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+

(Zeppeline Al Capone +/+ & Wuzetka Kudlaty Tramp+/+)
Al Capone Junior Futrzak +/+
Ambrozja Futrzak +/+

(Argovian Good News +/+ & Blueshire’s Canadian Lady +/+)
Grey Coats Old Good Lovin +/+
Grey Coats Old of the Blues +/+
Grey Coats Old of the Show +/+
Grey Coats One for All +/+
Grey Coats Only Good News +/+

(Niedersachsen´s Pride Gentleman +/+ & Argovian Irresistilbe Emotions +/+)
Grey Coats Pastelblue Lady +/+
Grey Coats Perfect Gentleman +/+
Grey Coats Perfect Melodie +/+
Grey Coats Perfect Pal +/+
Grey Coats Pick of the Bunch +/+
Grey Coats Playgirl of Shepton +/+
Grey Coats Proud Monarch +/+

(Old Dream’s Come on Eileen +/+ & Woody Woodstock von den Blue Zottels +/+)
Grey Souls All Rise +/+
Grey Souls All That I Am +/+
Grey Souls All I Got To Do +/+
Grey Souls A Moment Like This +/+
Grey Souls All That I’v Got +/+
Grey Souls Amazing Grace +/+

(Griland Born To Run +/+ & Argovian Flying High for Griland +/+)
Griland Egyptian Night
Griland Euro Winner
Griland Exclusive Bear+/+

(Ursus Kudlaty Tramp +/+ & Griland Glamour Bear Cap +/+)
Griland Ideal Panda +/+
Griland Illusion of Love +/+
Griland Imperator +/+
Griland Important Person +/+
Griland Infinite Love +/+
Griland It’s My Style Bear +/+

(Zottel Secret Is Out +/+ & Griland Beautiful Impretion +/+)

Griland Zorro +/+ 

Griland Zone of Love +/+
Griland Zevs +/+ 

Griland Zest for Victory +/+ 

Griland Zoom Zoom +/+
Griland Zemechatelnaya Koketka +/+ 

Griland Zetta Ketrin Djons +/+ 

Griland Zurz +/+ 

Griland Zhefirous Bear +/+ 

Griland Zvezdnaya Lady  +/+

(Zottels Secret is Out+/+ & Argovian Flying High for Griland +/+)
Griland Love To Celebrations +/+

(Checkpoint Charlie’s Quasi Qualified +/+ & Danish Delight Kiss Me Tiger +/+)
Grizzly Dream Best of Balou +/+
Grizzly Dream Big Mozzie +/+
Grizzly Dream Blaze of Glory +/+
Grizzly Dream Born to be Beautifull +/+
Grizzly Dream Brokmanns Big Bang +/+

(Brwyn’s Mohawk +/+ & Brwyn’s Miss Smilla +/+)
Kanawha of Hillbilly Heights +/+
Kewaunee of Hillbilly Heights +/+
Kachess of Hillbilly Heights +/+
Kiamitchi of Hillbilly Heights +/+
Kaweah of Hillbilly Heights +/+
Kenau of Hillbilly Heights +/+
Kalamazoo of Hillbilly Heights +/+

(Youandi Antaeus +/+ & Bim-Bom-Bam Lenda Lerenda +/+)
Jolly Bears Heavenly Felicia +/+
Jolly Bears Honey Honey +/+
Jolly Bears Hope for Life +/+
Jolly Bears Hall of Fame +/+
Jolly Bears Harley Davidson +/+
Jolly Bears High Class +/+
Jolly Bears High Five +/+

(Soft Motion’s Catch Of The County +/+ & Ulubiona Kudlaty Tramp +/+)
Ach Arletka Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Alexander Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Ali Baba Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Ambrozy Kudlaty Tramp +/+

(Aryakas Cosmo Junior +/+ & Rashn Feiry-Teil Yulita +/+)
Urwis Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Umberto Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Ursus Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Usmiechniety Drab Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Uups! Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Unique Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Unlimited Success Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Uszatka Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Ulla Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Ulubiona Kudlaty Tramp +/+

(Stefano Superstar Kudlaty Tramp +/+ & Kleopatra Kudlaty Tramp +/+)
Willow Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Willy Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Winston Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Walentyna Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Wendy kudlaty Tramp +/+
Wenus Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Wilma kudlaty Tramp +/+
Winifreda Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Wuzetka Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Wygrana Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Wyjatkowa Kudlaty Tramp +/+

(Stefano Superstar Kudlaty Tramp +/+ & Laura Kudlaty Tramp +/+)
Xavier Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Xico Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Xando Kudlaty Tramp +/+
X-Force Kudlaty Tramp +/+
Xenie Adelaide Kudlaty Tramp +/+

(Jonasz of Snowboot Bears +/+ & Best Mary People of The Arabian Nights +/+)
Guardian of Seasons of Mary People +/+

(Aryakas Ionios +/+ & Bluechannel Bright Diamond +/+)
Moorpaddock’s Amazing Dream +/+
Moorpaddock’s Dream Diamond +/+
Moorpaddock’s Dream Groomsman +/+
Moorpaddock’s Dream Lady +/+
Moorpaddock’s Dream Prince +/+
Moorpaddock’s First Dream +/+
Moorpaddock’s Magic Dream+/+
Moorpaddock’s Smiling Dream +/+
Moorpaddock’s Sweet Dream +/+

Blue Point from Home of Crazy Fire +/+ & Just a Little Kiss from Beautiful Highland +/+)
Belana from Mystery Avalon
Belarwen from Mystery Avalon
Bethany from Mystery Avalon

(Zenit dei Nobilpazzi +/+ & Domino dei Nobilpazzi +/+)
Madame Margaux dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Made in Italy dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Mama Mia dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Me & U dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Minimax dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Mister dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Monna Lisa dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Much More dei Nobilpazzi +/+
Musiq dei Nobilpazzi +/+
My Lady dei Nobilpazzi +/+
My Lord dei Nobilpazzi+/+

(Old Cobbler’s Imagination +/+ & Notown’s Hammer and Tong +/+)
Old Cobbler’s Leave no Trace +/+
Old Cobbler’s Leap of Faith +/+

(Great Danish True Born Bobtail +/+ & Sweet Expression’s Knock Your Socks Off +/+)
Ragtales Navigator +/+
Ragtales New Order +/+
Ragtales Newton +/+
Ragtales Nightcap +/+
Ragtales No Doubt +/+
Ragtales No Limit +/+

(Bluechannel Aragorn +/+ & Sweet Expression’s Knock Your Socks Off +/+)
Ragtales Mailman +/+
Ragtales Major Tom +/+
Ragtales Make Believe +/+
Ragtales Masterpiece +/+
Ragtales Melody Blue +/+
Ragtales Milky Way +/+
Ragtales Missionary Man +/+
Ragtales Misty Morning +/+
Ragtales Moving On +/+
Ragtales My Pleasure +/+

(Argovian Good News +/+ & Old Cobbler’s Easy Go +/+)
Royal Grey’s All Over Me +/+
Royal Grey’s At the Moment +/+
Royal Grey’s Alternative Choise +/+
Royal Grey’s After Good News +/+
Royal Grey’s All In The Eyes +/+

(Manrose Plaisir D’Amour +/+ & Look at the Stars for Silver Whirlwind +/+)
Once Upon a Time Silver Whirlwind +/+
O’Laa Laa of Silver Whirlwind +/+
Orient Express of Silver Whirlwind +/+
Only You for Silver Whirlwind +/+
Open Secret by Silver Whirlwind +/+
One & Only for Silver Whirlwind +/+
Orange Blossom of Silver Whirlwind +/+

(Sound Solution Ground Control +/+ & Danish Delight Makes People Talk +/+)
Smedemark Ursa Minor Allyss Ashley +/+
Smedemark Ursa Minor Angel Alberte +/+
Smedemark Ursa Minor Anna Sui +/+
Smedemark Ursa Minor Georgio Armani +/+
Smedemark Ursa Minor Gucci Alleya +/+
Smedemark Ursa Minor J.Lo Alishia +/+
Smedemark Ursa Minor Loris Azzaro +/+

(Eldorado aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal +/+ & Drover’s Very Best +/+)
Soft Motion’s Bedtime Story +/+
Soft Motion’s Bestseller +/+
Soft Motion’s By My Side +/+
Soft Motion’s Be My Quest +/+
Soft Motion’s Blueprint +/+
Soft Motion’s Blues Brother +/+
Soft Motion’s Bounty Hunter +/+
Soft Motion’s Break Of Dawn +/+
Soft Motion’s Bundle Of Joy +/+
Soft Motion’s Business Card +/+

(Stefano Superstar Kudlaty Tramp +/+ & Soft Motion’s By My Side +/+)
Soft Motion’s Dear Devil +/+
Soft Motion’s Daydream Believer +/+
Soft Motion’s Drifting Drover +/+
Soft Motion’s Drummer Boy +/+
Soft Motion’s Daisy Doolittle +/+
Soft Motion’s Dashing Dot Com +/+
Soft Motion’s Devine Dynamite +/+
Soft Motion’s Diamond In The Sky +/+
Soft Motion’s Dinner Date +/+

(Sound Solution Ground Control +/+ & Rollingview Clean Cut Diamond +/+)
Sound Solution Here Comes the Sun +/+
Sound Solution I Wanna Be Your Man +/+
Sound Solution I’ll Follow the Sun +/+

(Sweet Expression’s Hole in One +/+ & Sweet Expression’s Say Cheese +/+)
Sweet Expression’s Keek-A-Boo! +/+
Sweet Expression’s Kick the Bucket +/+
Sweet Expression’s Kidding, no Kidding +/+
Sweet Expression’s Knock on Wood +/+
Sweet Expression’s Krackerjack +/+
Sweet Expression’s Keeping Up Appearances +/+
Sweet Expression’s Kit ’n Kaboodle +/+
Sweet Expression’s Kibbles & Kitsch +/+
Sweet Expression’s Knock Your Socks Off +/+

(Brinkley Barnaby +/+ & Sweet Expression’s Circus Circus +/+)
Sweet Expression’s Major Catch +/+
Sweet Expression’s Man of the Match +/+
Sweet Expression’s Meet & Greet +/+
Sweet Expression’s Midsomer Rhapsody +/+
Sweet Expression’s Made in Germany +/+
Sweet Expression’s Me, Myself and I +/+
Sweet Expression’s Mona Lisa +/+

(Brinkley Barnaby +/+ & Sweet Expression’s As You Can See +/+)
Sweet Expression’s No Bizz like Show Bizz +/+
Sweet Expression’s Nordic Walker +/+
Sweet Expression’s Next Stop Vegas +/+
Sweet Expression’s Nothing to Declare +/+

(Brinkley Barnaby +/+ & Sweet Expression’s Say Cheese +/+)
Sweet Expression’s Off and Walking +/+
Sweet Expression’s On Line +/+
Sweet Expression’s Only for Fun +/+
Sweet Expression’s One Man Show +/+
Sweet Expression’s Out“n About +/+
Sweet Expression’s Oliver Twist +/+
Sweet Expression’s On Cloud 9 +/+
Sweet Expression’s On Stage +/+

(Brinkley Barnaby +/+ & Sweet Expression’s As You Can See +/+)
Sweet Expression’s Practical Joke +/+
Sweet Expression’s Pawprint +/+
Sweet Expression’s Paws-A-Tively +/+
Sweet Expression’s Paws for Thoughts +/+
Sweet Expression’s Paws Included +/+
Sweet Expression’s Paws R Us +/+
Sweet Expression’s Paws Up +/+
Sweet Expression’s Posh Paws +/+

(Brinkley Barnaby +/+ & Sweet Expression’s Circus Circus +/+)
Sweet Expression’s Q-Pido +/+
Sweet Expression’s Quick on the Trigger +/+
Sweet Expression’s Quick Quick, Slow +/+
Sweet Expression’s Que Sera Sera +/+
Sweet Expression’s Q-tie Pie +/+
Sweet Expression’s Q-tip +/+
Sweet Expression’s Quick Step +/+
Sweet Expression’s Qui Vive +/+

(Youandi Tiramisù +/+ & Youandi Dom Perignon +/+)
Takoda Kyona Eyota +/+
Takoda Kyona Nidawi +/+
Takoda Kyona Onida +/+

(Youandi Antaeus +/+ & Youandi Moët & Chandon +/+)
Youandi Brigitte Bardot +/+
Youandi Claude Monet +/+
Youandi Inspector Clouseau +/+
Youandi Jeanne d’Arc +/+
Youandi Madame de Pompadour +/+>
Youandi Napoleon Bonaparte +/+
Youandi Pompidou +/+

(Youandi Antaeus +/+ & Sweet Expression’s Light Camera Action +/+)
Youandi Angelina Jolie +/+
Youandi Bruce Willis +/+
Youandi Catherine Zeta Jones +/+
Youandi Jack Nickolson +/+
Youandi Julia Roberts +/+
Youandi Meg Ryan +/+
Youandi Mel Gibson +/+

(Argovian Imported By Youandi +/+ & Youandi Mademoiselle Chanel +/+)
Youandi Day Dreamer +/+
Youandi Dream Catcher +/+
Youandi Dreams Come True +/+
Youandi Dutch Dream Team +/+
Youandi Have a Dream +/+
Youandi In Your Dreams +/+
Youandi Sweet Dreams +/+

(Koboy of Snowboot Bears +/+ & Youandi Meringue +/+)
Youandi Bubblegum +/+
Youandi Cotton Candy +/+
Youandi Cuberdon +/+
Youandi Marshmallow +/+
Youandi Nougat +/+
Youandi Peppermint +/+
Youandi Popcorn +/+
Youandi Toffee +/+

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